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Alyssa Choate

Business Development Assistant

Straddling the line between supporting internal operations, high-level executives, and the event planning team, Alyssa is adept at managing multiple tasks at once. She is proficient in time management and her diverse experiences have provided a unique perspective on growth and collaboration that she brings to support the Caspian team and our clients.

After receiving her BA in Linguistics from the University of California, Berkeley, Alyssa worked in multiple industries, soaking in the lessons and skills each provided. Alyssa has befriended seniors in a retirement home, taught high schoolers in China, worked jointly with interpreters around the globe at the world’s leading translation company, managed several Incentives teams at the nation’s then-leading solar company, and she has also been the backbone of a fast-growing startup ad agency in the Bay Area.

The exposure to various cultures, environments and people helped Alyssa grow her passion for team empowerment, collaboration, and personal development. Due to this she became a certified life coach and energy therapy practitioner. When she’s not supporting event planning and internal operations, you can find Alyssa at group workshops and in private 1-on-1’s with individuals, helping them to remove the limiting beliefs and self talk that keep them from achieving their personal and professional goals.

Countries Visited

South Korea