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Our Story

A successful event is one where its participants fully enjoy the event without fully realizing the amount of work that went into planning it.

To plan such an event takes a special brand of individual, unlike most. These individuals are the selfless yet annoying type, who love details, logistics, showing up early, managing chaos, being in cool places without getting to enjoy them, and above all spending massive amounts of time with people who are not their family. Add to this unique if a rather eccentric host of qualities a comforting sense of humor, good will toward others, a calming demeanor, and an enthusiastic willingness to take on even the most unlikely challenges, and you have properly described our staff at Caspian Events.

Caspian Events & Adventures was born from a team of adventure racers who understand the importance of the details. Whether rowing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, or trekking across the deserts of Oman, this team has seen both the advantages of a well planned campaign, as well as the disastrous effects of an ill planned one. For them the difference in planning these logistics could have been the difference between life and death, for their clients it may be less dramatic, but Caspian approaches them the same.

To this end, the staff at Caspian considers themselves first and foremost as problem identifiers, next as problem solvers. They pride themselves in anticipating likely challenges that arise from any customizable event, and getting out ahead of that challenge to solve it before it becomes an issue. In addition, as a client you can enjoy these other unique qualities in Caspian Events that distinguishes them from others.