Our Team

Our Team

Thomas Magarov


Tom Magarov was born in Azerbaijan in the former Soviet Union in 1985. A competitive rower and swimmer, Tom competed through high school before leaving the country in 2002 and emigrating to the United States. After attending Baku State University, Tom attended University of West Chester for a degree in international business with a minor in psychology, an education he has used extensively to leverage himself into an immediate leadership roll at Home Depot, managing stores and on-boarding new employees into leadership positions.

Kimberly Marion

Event Coordinator

Since a young age Kimberly has had a hunger for travel and exposure to new cultures. This is fueled by her desire to keep the mind open to the rich world and experiences outside of your immediate surroundings. Past travel experiences fuel her current career with Caspian Events & Adventures.

Kimberly is one that has worn many hats as an event planner, rowing instructor, financial coordinator, and program director. She has worked in social, corporate and academic settings. Kimberly was trusted by many supervisors to create and maintain the ambiance of multiple businesses. She possesses the qualities of a successful event director: thorough yet precise, expert knowledge, ingenuity in identifying and solving problems, communicative and responsive to clients.

Jason Caldwell

Speaker & Founder of Latitude 35 Leadership

Jason received his baccalaureate degree in 2005 for Business with a concentration in marketing from Sonoma State University in California. During his time there he played baseball for the University as well as two seasons with the San Francisco Angels, a semi-pro team, before sustaining a career-ending elbow injury. In Jason’s Senior year at Sonoma he was approached by the Universities’ Rowing Coach who convinced him to tryout for the team in his final year of eligibility. This led to a number of great relationships with the rest of the crew members and coaching staff on the team.

Jonathan Bickford

Adventure Specialist

Jonathan Bickford has worked in team and leadership development for both clinical and educational purposes. Sailing, hiking, canoeing, and rowing with clients in locations remote and challenging Jonathan knows firsthand the ennobling power of wild environments–laden with a healthy amount of natural risk–and the ability to meet and mitigate those risks. Jonathan has spent his career working with teams in wilderness setting because that is precisely where team learning can best occur and the strongest relationships form. 

ThuyVy Bui 

Event Coordinator

ThuyVy was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. Having been surrounded by an enormous family her entire life, where she is 1 of 27 first cousins, she was blessed with a multitude of mentors who taught her the value of hospitality, hard work, and dedication. They are the backbone of her strong work ethic, and although she currently resides in San Francisco, that Midwest work ethic is forever instilled in her. 
ThuyVy received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Kansas City-Missouri and has spent most of her career working in Human Resources.  

Samira Magarov

Event Coordinator

With over 10 years of customer relations experience, Samira Magarov uses her trademark skills to nurture positive, productive relationships with clients. Her genuine and enthusiastic personality puts all of our clients at ease, and guarantees a pleasant atmosphere wherever she goes. Samira was born in Azerbaijan and came to the United States in 1995 to pursue the American dream. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Widner University. Her experience combined with her outgoing attitude make Samira is an asset to each event she coordinates.

Melissa Smith

Event Coordinator

Melissa began her career in planning. From week long leadership development programs across the globe for McKinsey & Company, to high-profile soirées for a Morgans Hotel Group boutique hotel, she has seen and planned it all. Using her industry knowledge to deliver exceptional results in the seamless execution of events is what drives Melissa. She brings a high-level of service and professionalism to clients while striving to exceed expectations every day. Melissa received her BA in 2002 in International Studies with a concentration on Latin American Literature and Culture from Middlebury College.

Lyndsay Pletz

Event Coordinator

Lyndsay is a polished event coordinator with extensive experience translating high-level objectives into integrated marketing plans and event programs. With a sincere passion for her clients, meticulous attention to detail, and creative thinking, she has produced events of all shapes and sizes, and has earned a reputation for unparalleled excellence as an event planner and designer. From a tour guide in Europe, to planning global trade-shows and everything in between, there is not much she has not conquered in the world of events.